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4,561 thoughts on “Roberto Bell’s Articles in – Article Dashboard Directory | Submit Articles | Search Find Free Content

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  11. Zu See-Online muss man allerdings fairerweise schon sagen, dass die angesprochenen Kommentare mit “Law-and-order-Mentalität” regelmäßig heftigen Widerspruch von weniger bornierten Nutzern ernten. Und wenn man sich nur kurze Zeit nimmt und die Kommentare bei etablierten Online-Zeitungen liest, stellt man fest, dass dort Grünen-Bashing und sonstige Angriffe gegen das eher linke politische Spektrum genauso an der Tagesordnung sind.

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  14. Mais Corine, a la lecture complet, je doit dire quelle rire, quelle touche remplis des mots justes…merveilleux, je me regale…Je note que partout ou je me passe, j’entend Rush Limbaugh…les gens rire de ses mots et ironie…mais je crois qu’on sais tous que c’est pour faire le jeux contraire…et rire et etre furieux de la situation politique.Rush is « Over the top » a ‘Gift from God’ comme il dit…’faisant les emissions de perfection’, comme it dit…

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  19. Met jouw aanvullende opmerking lees ik je eerste reactie anders. Waarvan akte.Eens ook met de laatste opmerking. Maar die is generiek, politici moeten de diverse signalen tot zich nemen en dan vooral zelf een lijn uitzetten, ipv achter de hardste schreeuwers aan te rennen.

  20. Recession won’t hit me. Housing is a tiny bit of my net worth. Plus I have a EC passport and have lots of connections in Tokyo, London and Germany, I would just move. If the whole world is in recession well then we are all screwed. For the over 55 crowd it is good news. My retired inlaws live off a fixed pension plus SS, they have no money in the stock market and no loans. A stong economy means high prices which is killing them, a good old price cutting recession is good for them since their income is fixed.

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  27. Ellen and Portia, Elton and David, Cameron and Mitchell, Jodie Foster and whatever her other’s name is…… would all agree. There really is no question. But those clever govt types seem to think letting boatloads of terrorists in to our country is way more important! Wake the f$#%k up, people. Jeeeesus.

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  38. Construction vs destruction – which is good?Knowledge vs hooliganism – on whose side you are?nalla doralu (they can be kcr / ysr) vs tella doralu who exploited this state or country more?

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  40. This has NOTHING to do with virtapay PERIOD!!!!! Everyone contradicts the sites launch because they wont launch right away. This guy commited these things in the early 2000′s dude. So your saying he would build a virtapay website, work hard to get stage 1 in gear so we can test the selling and buying and now working on stage 2 just to scam us?      

  41. It is ok, to bomb the hell out of Libyans, Afghanistan people as well as the Iraq people. Palestinians have been living more then 30 years in ghettos, with a kidnapped government,? land seizure, no schools and continuous bombing treat by IDF and other Israeli groups. This is invincible for us, and have been for many years. Do not be naive, instead understand who is the real terrorist and extremist ?End the Libya war, Get out of Afghanistan, Free the Palestinians and Iraq people.

  42. Nada más que decir que fue un agrado para el alma escuchar este estilo de música, ojalá fueran más seguido este tipo de espectáculos, pero creo que lo mejor de todo es la cantidad de público que hay para estos eventos, aunque ciertas personas crean que no será un evento masivo, si lo es. Sólo felicitar enormemente a la fundación por entregar a la comunidad este deleite para los oídos, y espero las jornadas sigan por mucho tiempo más.

  43. Well stated. I never knew this issue happened in Detroit but I sadly am not surprised. Hopefully congress and the new leadership can find a balanced budget and still support critical food programs to those in need. As we both have learned – hunger makes things harder!


  45. Karla, what I didn’t put in the post – because I am on very very shaky ground as to the facts – is that I got an inkling from the sites that I visited (not linked for various reasons) that the scribes/illuminators from Armenia ‘got around’. After thinking about it the last day or so, I think that Grigor might have been visiting Lviv (and I’m sure there are Turkish/Islamic motifs and patterns in the pages we see here). About all this I’m not certain but *I think* that the manuscript was actually made for a Polish bishop or high clerical figure so Poland/Ukraine are not essentially contributory influences, if you follow.

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  53. I often describe myself as a “switchy submissive”. I have next to zero interest in being dominant long term- however, I do have my moments. ;)I believe it can work for a switch to be a full time submissive, although, perhaps, that only works if they happen to be submissive all of the time, and sometimes Dominant as well.

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  56. IMHO the #1 cover art selection is the only one that shows the true meaning of a “collaborative effort, namely many individuals from around the world casting their vote, making a choice and being heard. To me, that’s what The Social Song project is all about. This cover (#1), is the only one to convey that in its entirety. Think about it!

  57. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again! “One never goes so far as when one doesn’t know where one is going.” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

  58. Kia Ora RobbYes, boiling the billy, throwing in the tea leaves and tapping the side with a spoon to settle the leaves, is a great Kiwi mountain ritual. Almost beats the Samovar. However, when you are in the high Pamirs or Hindu Kush mountains, and they bring out the Samovar, the tea tastes better, the mountains clearer and the goats attractive.CheersBob

  59. It now looks like the dems made Specter some pretty vile promises for the switch. Like clearing the boards for him of any primary competition and full dem financial support plus committee chair.The dems purchased him for much more than he was worth.

  60.   EspenJeg kommer til Ã¥ sikte pÃ¥ det du tipper- fÃ¥r vi se Ã¥ssen det gÃ¥r.Skal for en gang skyld løpe en del 10km i Ã¥r sÃ¥ har mange sjangser til Ã¥ perse i Ã¥r Krysser fingra for at bjørka holder seg i ro og at vi begge perser Ole!. Er ogsÃ¥ algergisk mot diverse greier men ikke sÃ¥ veldig mye.

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  62. “Jesus has his foot already out of the clouds,” as I’ve heard it. haha!Rick Perry is a big mouth of nothing and won’t be able to swing it. We need socialized health care. I’m screwed too when I visit the states because I don’t work there. If health care were affordable like it is here, it wouldn’t matter. But a single tragedy can bankrupt you in the states.

  63. We’re down here in Atlanta, and I know I’ll chip in to get us one built. I’ve heard it’s about 1500$, but what about the ongoing costs?I’ll start spreading the message here and see what kind of funding we can come up with.

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  67. If you are frightened to go to the police, then you should not go to the police. Other options include: (a) talking to his friend or family about an intervention; (b) talking to your doctor about options for pain management that might not provide him with drugs he would like, or that would provide them to you in small enough numbers that he would not be able to sustain his addiction; or (c) urging him into some type of treatment program.I am not convinced the police would be that helpful, even without his father being a cop. It sounds like his problem is addiction, not that he is a criminal.

  68. There is a simple difference between refusing to buy Chinese products and refusing to offer services to the Irish, and it is one even an economist may be able to acknowledge: I do not have to buy anything I do not want to buy, but what I am willing to sell to someone I must sell to anyone. Get it?

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  71. Anonymous: Haha okay lah. Not big fan of Hello Kitty stuff per se just of cute stuff in general. Like I'd be indifferent between HK, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake etc. I mean I'm still a girl so…Anonymous: This pair is from missypixie.lj (:

  72. Carlene,While I can’t speak for Mr. Jones I honestly doubt you’ll find a Green Party candidate who holds such positions. To be frank, I can’t imagine why you would be interested in Jill Stein or the Green Party in general if those two issues are that important to you, as both are solidly pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.

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  146. Maybe it was being fourteen & not knowing any better, but I didn’t mind Lupica’s commentaries on the short-lived FOX Network magazine “Front Page”.I think that Chris Matthews did some of those, too.& now that I’m 26, I still watch Hardball (when I can), but I never watch Sports Reporters.

  147. Welcome to Appalachia. The trail of pain, addiction and poverty extends up the mountains from North Georgia, through East Tennessee and Western Carolina, on into Kentucky, West Virginia, and northward. The Moonshine of old, morphed into Meth Labs, now into Pain Pills. The sad part is that the pain in the culture is palpable…

  148. Bookman Beattie endangered? No no no. Every person I know who reads/loves/buys/borrows books reads your blog Bookman. You are approaching iconic status (hate that over-udes word iconic but you have earned it)and your blog is hugely appreciated by folk far and wide. Thank you, keep up the good work.

  149. Drogi Eddzie!Dość często nie możemy się zrozumieć. W którym miejscu ja mówię o ataku SP na GP? Przeczytaj jeszcze raz tytuł notki, a może zrozumiesz o co mi chodzi.A co do Kurskiego, to moje zdanie jest takie: niech idzie własną drogą, ponieważ jest człowiekiem, który ma dsetrukcyjny wpływ na wszystko, czego się dotknie. Na ludzi też.

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  153. Cher collègue blogger bonjour!400 mots? Je pensais pas en fait qu’il y en avait autant. Mais la plupart de ceux que je connais sont des faux-amis, à savoir une déformation du sens d’origine. D’où des incompréhension parfois avec ma belle-famille Il faudra aussi qu’on se rencontre, on a pas mal de choses en commun cher ami Arnaud

  154. Så fin stue dere har! Akkurat etter mitt hode. Vi kjøpte hus i 2006 (1968-modell hus), der vi pusset opp, bygde ut, og skiftet tak, bordkledning m.m.Men, stua malte vi bare i en beige farge, rett på de gamle panelveggene fra 1968. Nå drømmer vi om å pusse opp stua, kanskje til våren, fjerne de gamle panelveggene og sette opp hvite vegger, så det blir lysere. Klem fra Bente

  155. Yay! I read it – You certaily do get the most out of your ten hours! Can't wait to get my eyeballs on some more of your words – poems and fiction! I love your poet choices at the end there, too. Got a couple of my faves on there and lovely to see Grace getting a mention – I still enjoy reading her poems after a gazillion runs through. I'm enjoying Peter Fallon this week.It was a lovely interview. Thanks for updating the link – had a wee "I must be going doo la" moment there.

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  157. Hello, i´m a catholic, from Brazil, my name is Ricardo.I like molinism/arminianism, and I think this view is biblical and patristic. But, at the same time, I think thomism/calvinism can be biblical too. And my doubts is not on biblical interpretation, but on the possibility of middle knowledge.Can you write some about the conflit of God´s middle knowledge and His aseity? Thanks

  158. Ok, one more and then I’ll leave you alone about this in your comments. (For now.)Why do they have so many different prices for the same book? Example: Jane Eyre. They have all these different ones you can get on Kindle but some are 80 cents and others are $1.68 or whatever. Is it not the same story? Or are you paying extra for the cover? Does the cover of the book show in Kindle?

  159. Holy crap! Holy crap! HOLY CRAP!First off, Dec, the answer is:(a) The Yorkshire Ripperor(D) J. GilesBut I will start the bribery early. Any bottle of Booze you fancy, plus full tuition to any college of Lilly’s Choice (Okay, that’s going a little too far, but the booze is up for grabs.) The quartet is practically impossible to find in the states! And needless to say I’ve been chomping at the bit to read ’em!rawsonkeith (at) g mail dot com

  160. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  161. He can’t redeem himself. He’s a thankless coward. Let him take care of himself you are not obligated. Just take care of yourself and the children. He’s only being apologetic because your his meal ticket. If I was you…I would kick his tail to the curb and wash my hands of him. The only connection you should have is what is best for your child. Good Luck…

  162. Evidently this art exhibition is becoming more political than how it was first advertised…… we can see this is turning into nothing more than a pro communism exhibit propaganda!This bogus communism worshipping ceremony must be stopped!

  163. Hi Lucy,It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch. Thanks for including Firstgiving’s upcoming FB application here…the opportunity that Facebook offers to people to really engage their own communities is fantastic, and we’re excited to be doing something to help people take action to support the things they are passionate about.

  164. Ooooh. I gasped when I saw the picture of Rosie Vela!!! I will google her once I'm done with this comment. I adored her as well. My hair is naturally curly, for better or worse, and she was definitely an icon of gorgeousness. I also remember In Wear!!!!!! A wonderful label. Thank you so much for this post, as it brought back stuff I'd totally forgotten. You, by the way, look even lovelier now. It's wonderful to change and embrace the NOW. I love your boots, too. I'm sweating in the air conditioning. Wanna house trade for a vacation?

  165. When I was 11, I bought the book Please Don’t Eat the Daisies. I read the entire book outloud to my mom and we laughed at how funny it was. That’s when I decided to that I wanted to write humor, too. I try each week to be funny in my column and whenever I have someone tell me they enjoyed it, I always say a prayer of thanks to Jean Kerr.Like? 1